La Rue Lab provides non-surgical cosmetic injectables, offering a tailored service that takes into account everything from a patient’s family medical history to their lifestyle and current skincare regime.
‘I think it’s important to educate patients on how to care for their skin every day. My services can keep skin looking its best, but it’s important to sustain those results and take preventative measures, too.’ says Crystal, Founder of La Rue Lab.
Crystal Goode (formerly Crystal La Rue) is a registered nurse, completing her studies at The University of Technology, Sydney.
Crystal has worked for NSW Health Services, as well as private sectors of health care.
Crystal was pregnant with her daughter when she received treatment for a skin condition that exposed her to cosmetology for the first time. ‘I had sebaceous cysts on my face and there was scarring that required treatment,’ explains Crystal. ‘The success of the treatment and the care I received made me interested in becoming a cosmetic nurse and developing my knowledge in that niche.’




Crystal built up her experience and training in both nursing and beauty over the next decade and established a thriving business in The La Rue Lab. ‘My background as a nurse has definitely helped my business,’ Crystal says. ‘Patients feel reassured that I’m a medical professional – they know they’re in good hands. I always make sure they understand how the procedures they’re receiving actually work. I want them to be informed and empowered.’